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eLocker Manager takes the stress out of managing your locker fleet. Fully automate your locker workflows and get real-time data on locker usage.

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Unlike our competitors, we can deliver a complete package from start to finish. We have a range of lockers, the intelligent lock range and the best locker management software on the market.

The world's first
retrofittable smart lock

Upgrade your lockers to smart lockers. Simply remove your old key or combination locks and replace them with en RFID locker lock – making your old lockers, smart lockers

Full Wireless Security

Our AES encrypted solution ensures that your data is safe, secure and updated instantly. The eLocker wireless architecture is market leading and keeps your system online 24/7


Introducing our

eLocker is proven to automate up to 94% of your locker management workflows, not only saving time but also creating an ROI in less than 12 months

The Key To Cost

Removing manual process is what we are all about, save your organisation cost by reducing the man hours associated with locker management


What Our Clients
Are Saying

"eLocker simplifies management problems associated with traditional key systems. Management is simple and easy through online tools. Kiosks are also easy

Cara Kaiser

Cluster Loss prevention Manager Amazon Germany

"The eLocker management system has saved us so much time. Previously It took around 3 months for us to give a new member of staff a locker, it now takes less

Damian Gould

Security Manager, Tesco


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