eLocker Use

smart locker services
Our system are built to suit every enviroment and are all powred by eLocker Manager. You can even implement multiple systems in one location
smart locker services

Intelligent Locker Markets

eLocker can be used in a number of different ways
Group 1658@2x-3

Warehouse Lockers

Smart lockers for managing assets and staff lockers in your warehouse

Group 1659@2x-3

Smart Office Lockers

Make your lockers match your desking policy – agile lockers for your office

Group 1660@2x-3

University Lockers

Manage sensitive equipment and give your students a safe place to store personal items

Group 1661@2x-3

Smart Lockers


The market-leading smart locker system, find out about our wireless smart lockers

Group 1665@2x-3

School Lockers


Take the pain out of managing student lockers and make them smart

Group 1664@2x-3

Healthcare Lockers​

Intelligent lockers for healthcare, managing sensitive equipment or looking after staff belongings

Group 1663@2x

Staff Lockers


Intelligent staff lockers, either fully allocated, team lockers, or hotdesking lockers for the day

Group 1662-3

Fitness Lockers


Make your locker rooms smart. Allow your customers to use their gym badge in the locker room

Group 1666@2x-3

Leisure Lockers​

Take the hassle out of managing your leisure centre lockers – make them smart instead

Group 1667@2x-3

Gym Lockers

Allow your customers to use their gym badge in the locker room and make your locker rooms smart. 

Group 1668@2x-3

Sports Lockers

Remove the administration of managing lcokers in your sports club. Use our agile lockers just for the day

Group 1669@2x-3

It Asset Lockers

A comprehensive IT Asset deployment solution for offices. Deploy your assets in a contactless way, using eLocker

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