The sustainable way to implement smart lockers

Smart locks retrofit easily into your existing lockers, so you can introduce them to your workplace in an affordable way.

Upgrade in three easy steps​


Step 1

In 1 mintute

Remove the Existing Minute locks from your lockers
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Step 2

In 2 minutes

Install wireless eLocks on your old lockers

Step 3

Your Engineers

Install bluetooth gateways and manage your lockers online

Two Lock Options Avaliable

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For Office

Mini Retrofit

The mini retrofit smart lock has been designed with
the office in mind. The lock has a small form factor
and is built with design in mind

chunky retrofit smart lock

Chunky Retrofit

for Industrial

The standard ‘chunky’ retrofit smart lock is built for
warehouses, factories and industrial environments
where a more resilient lock is needed

The features you need: No more, no less

eLocker keeps it simple. Every feature has been carefully selected on the basis of what you’ll actually need. You’ll never get lost in a complicated environment, and you’ll always be able to find EXACTLY what you’re looking for when you need it. eLocker provides the tools that matter without the distractions that don’t.

Smart Locks, How did you ever live without them?



You can integrate your lockers into your access-card system to boost security and remove the need to manage locker keys
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Customers have proven that up to 70% of their lockers can be removed, claiming back space in their offices and warehouses



Make your lockers self-service, giving your employees the flexibility to manage their own locker allocations

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eLocker Analytics gives a live dashboard of your locker usage, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual reports.

The Benefits of Upgrading your Lockers

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We’ve created an analytics solution that provides real-time insights into your locker usage data. This allows you to make informed decisions about the number of lockers you need
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A survey shows that 30% of lockers are unused. You can decrease the size of your locker areas and remove lockers from your workplace, allowing you to redistribute the space.
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It’s a pain to misplace your keys, and it can be even more frustrating to forget a code. eLocker integrates with your access badges, Increased
frustation and increasing automation

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No more wasting time on allocation spreadsheets! eLocker smart locker locks are self-service and reduce your admin burden dramatically. Reduce queues and much more.
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eLocker is a cloud-based system that lets you view live usage data and audits from your lock. Your information is secure through industry-standard encryption.
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Managing lockers is time-consuming. our online locker manager automates locker workflows, removing management, giving you time to handle more important tasks.


Download the free eLocker app to check your locker anytime, anywhere. eLocker is safe and secure with Bluetooth encryption technology. No more worrying about lost keys or forgetting your locker combination.
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The eLocker manager intelligent office storage system saves businesses money by streamlining locker management and freeing up staff hours for more important tasks.

Workflows avaliable on your smart locker system


Personal lockers, allocated for
individual secure storge


Day lockers, activated by touching a
card. Used just for the day


Lockers for a team to share resources
and use collaborativley

Why retrofit smart locks?

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Use Exisiting Lockers

eLocker use industry standard parts to retrofit into any MFC or Steel Locker
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It’s Cost Effective

Replacing locks is much more effective than a new wired system
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A Low Operational Impact

Swap locks over time and upgrade your lockers without closing them off to staff

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A Real Space Saving

70% of lockers are unused – remove lockers and reutilise your workspace

Retrofit and use your compay cards or our
mobile app

eLocker can integrate with your company’s access badge, and it’s ready to run on your corporate smartphone, ensuring that you’re locker system is fully futureproofed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top 5 questions we are asked about retrofitting smart locks into exsisting lockers

Our Smart Locks (eLocks) have been developed so that they can be easily installed, replacing your existing locks. They connect to the internet via a wireless gateway, once installed, eLocks can be updated, managed and tracked through the eLocker Manager .
eLocker is the world’s first wireless smart lock system. With other systems on the market, you have to run wires from the locks to a controller and a host of other complicated networking ports. Not with eLocker. Install the wireless lock, install a wireless gateway, and your system will be online—no wires are required!
Sure, we’ve found out on average that around 70% of lockers are unused. We’ve seen this happen in both offices and warehouses. Using agile workflows and smart management you can reduce the amount of lockers in your building, freeing up space that could be used in your operation or as employee break rooms.

It’s really simple: most access badges use either Mifare or HID technology. eLocker has a range of standard integrations that integrate with these technologies, giving you different levels of integration depending on which technology you use. If you are interested in an eLocker integration, please get in touch and we can guide you through the process so that your smart lockers can talk to your access badges.

You can decide how much informatoin is saved in eLocker. Either using minimum information, which includes names and ID numbers for payroll or employee records. Or you can use business card data, which includes the most I could find on the internet—first name and last name, plus an email address (or mobile phone).