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A global financial institution, moving to hot-desking where staff are in the office 2 – 3 days per week.
The customer currently uses a mixture of non-standardised locker keys and combination locks across their offices.
They have a significant headcount of staff joining and leaving the business regularly and also moving between offices as part of the new agile working model.


Traditional key or combination locks were fine when staff had a pedestal under their desk.
However, after returning to work from the COVID lockdown, the management team found that key and combination locks were impossible to use in an agile way.
Staff found the usage of lockers highly frustrating, and the facilities team started to get complaints weekly.


The customer retrofitted existing lockers using the TS-BLE-R-Mini lock.
Retrofitting is a sustainable way to upcycle existing lockers, meet the customer’s sustainability criteria, and get a cost-effective, intelligent locker solution in place quickly.
The facilities team have implemented a mixture of:


The customer started with a small trial project that verified the technology, leading to a company-wide rollout.
The customer deemed the trial phase successful and felt the benefits of the eLocker intelligent locker system quickly. Below are the key takeaways from the customer after installing the system.


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