Touch to Remember
Touch to Forget

Staff pick which locker they want to use, on the fly. Allowing you to reduce your admin burden and the amount of lockers needed


How it works

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Why choose Hot
Lockers ?

A truly agile system, make your lockers self service. Fully automate your locker management and get live updates of who used what, when.

Hot Locker Benefits

Make your lockers truly agile. Smart Lockers are for forward-thinking companies who are ready for the agile workplace – electronic hot desk lockers combine the latest access control technology with practicality, making your workplace flexible

ID Card Access

eLocker can integrate into nearly all access badge technologies, removing the need for keys or pin code

Live Analytics

Our smart locker management system records each action in real-time, so you can see your locker status’ at a glance

No Audits

Remove the need for manual audits, because eLocker is constantly connected, the system audits itself

Easy To Use

Built by geeks, not for geeks - eLocker has the perfect balance of features you need, without making it complicated

Complete Security

Reduce theft, false loss claims by having live usage data and audits from your smart locks

Full Accountability

Create real accountability with smart lockers. eLocker records all actions and logs the data for you online

Self Service

Stop wasting time manually allocating lockers, our smart locker locks are fully self service and reduce your admin burden

Real Cost Savings

eLocker has proven to remove around 94% of the admin time when managing lockers, translating into time cost savings

How it Works

Upload Staff

Upload Staff into the eLocker Online system

Choose Locker

Staff find a free locker in the office by finding one with a green flashing light,or choose a free locker on a mobile app

Touch to Remember

Staff touch their ID Card open the door and put their stuff in, the lock remember the card

Touch to Forget

Staff touch their ID Card open the door and remove their stuff,the lock forgets the card and is free for next user

Live Analytics

All Sections are record on the online system


Our Brochure

Download our brochure and find out how to make your smart lockers automated, self-service, fully agile and easy to use. 

Our Locker

Our Locker Range

Steel Lockers

Our range of steel lockers are a standard range of ‘most popular’ locker and are available quickly. Our fully welded 1mm smart steel lockers are built to last and be customised as required

medical lockers
electronic locker lock

Wooden / MFC Lockers

Our range of MFC smart lockers are UK-made and can either be picked from our standard range or, produced to your bespoke specification. 

Smart lockers

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