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  • No more manual audits 
  • Fully automated device management
  • Total accountability
  • Know who used what when


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Why Use eLocker Asset?

Save time and money by tracking asset usage and live asset locations using the eLocker Asset Manager. Our easy-to-use dashboard makes it simple to keep track of your assets.


Create total accountability for your devices and assets.

Usage Tracking

Always know who has used which asset and when they returned it.

No Audits

eLocker Manager tracks all actions so there’s no need for time-consuming device audits.

Asset Tracking

Know where all your assets are at all times and who has them.

Real-Time Stats

View live data from your assets, such as battery life, right form your intelligent locker dashboard.

No Wires

Our no wires system makes installing your new asset management system fast and easy.

Quick Delivery

Our standard asset management lockers are in stock and ready to order, lead times are just 3-4 weeks.

Save Money

On average, our asset lockers provide an ROI in their first year and save up 90% on asset management costs every year!

How It Works

eLocker Asset Manager is built to be simple to use and is powered by the eLocker Manager smart locker dashboard, making lockers simple and easy to use.

Upload Staff

Managers upload staff IDs into the online locker manager.

Choose Locker

Staff choose any free locker indicated by a flashing light.

Touch to Remember

Staff touch their ID card to the door to open, then to the asset. eLocker logs the time and who took it.

Touch to Forget

Staff return the asset by touching the asset, then their ID card. eLocker confirms the correct person is returning the asset.

Reports & Analytics

All actions are recorded on the online locker management system so managers can easily see what’s happening.

What Our Clients Are Saying

thumb_01_60_60 Cara Kaiser

Cluster Loss Prevention Manager, Amazon Germany

"eLocker simplifies management problems associated with traditional key systems. Management is simple and easy through online tools. Kiosks are also easy to use and lockers are quickly issued.”
thumb_01_60_60 Damian Gould

Security Manager, Tesco

"The eLocker management system has saved us so much time. Previously It took around 3 months for us to give a new member of staff a locker, it now takes less than a minute. I really cant explain how helpful this software is.”

eLocker Asset Manager Brochure

Download our Intelligent Asset locker brochure for more information on the eLocker Manager and our asset management systems.

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