Managing Your Assets Has Never Been This Easy!

Stop hunting for devices! Asset management lockers automate your warehouse asset management process, creating full accountability for your equipment, reducing loss, damage and management time on a daily basis

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How It Works

Asset Management Benefits

Fully automate your asset management, create full accountability for your equipment and have a constant, live audit of your estate

Real Accountability

By tracking who used what, when, pinpoint repeat offenders and stop the damage of your devices

Live Analytics

Our smart locker management system records actions in real-time, so you can see your locker status’ at a glance.

Automated Audits

Remove the need for manual audits, equipment is tracked in and out of lockers, so you know where your kit is at all times

Live Asset Tracking

Use eLocker to track assets in real time, keeping you up to date on who used what, when

Easy To Use

Built by geeks, not for geeks - eLocker has the perfect balance of features you need, without making it complicated

No More Wires

eLocker is a wireless smart locker solution, making your lockers flexible and easy to reposition

Complete Security

Reduce theft, false loss claims by having live usage data and audits from your smart locks

Self Service

Stop wasting time manually handing out equipment, our smart locker locks are fully self service, reducing your admin burden

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How it Works

Upload Staff

Managers upload staff Ids into the online locker manager

Choose Locker

Staff choose any free locker indicated by aflashing light

Touch to Remember

Staff touch their ID card to the door to open, then to the asset. eLocker logs the time and who took it.

Touch to Forget

Staff return the asset by touching the asset, then their ID card. eLocker confirms the correct person is returning the asset

Reports & Analytics

All actions are recorded on the online locker management system so managers can easily see what's happening

Asset Management Benefits

Download our brochure to find out about smart asset tracking lockers and find out how other customers created savings with eLocker by automating thier asset management process

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