Manage Staff Lockers With Ease

eLocker Manager takes the stress out of providing lockers for your staff. Add new staff or remove old ones and allocate lockers with just a few clicks. Staff can then access their locker with their ID card.

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Why Use eLocker?

Our staff locker solutions are powered by eLocker Manager which makes it easy to organise staff, add new starters, remove staff, allocate lockers and lots more with just a few clicks.

Automated Allocation

Allocate lockers to staff in just a few clicks or allow them to choose their own.

Usage Tracking

Always know who has used which locker and when. Every action is recorded in the system.

No Audits

eLocker Manager provides live data on the status of your lockers so you can ensure your house is in order at a glance.

Clear-out Mode

Check lockers after staff have left and ensure they have taken all of their items

No Replacing Keys

eLocker integrates into your in house access cards, removing the need to have keys on site.

Complete Security

Reduce theft, false loss claims and redistribute security staff to more meaningful tasks. eLocker prevents unauthorised access.

Quick Delivery

Our standard  lockers are in stock and ready to order, lead times are just 3-4 weeks.

Save Money

Our staff locker system  provides an ROI in their first 6 months and save up 80% on locker management costs year on  year!

Our Locker Range

Steel Lockers

Our range of steel lockers are a standard range of 'most popular' locker and are available quickly 

Our fully welded 1mm steel lockers are built to last and be customised as required

Wooden / MFC 

eLocker manufactures bespoke MFC or wooden furniture to fit beautifully into your workspace

Reach out to discuss your project and create your perfect locker solution with a member of our team  

eLocker Staff Locker Systems

eLocker offers two workflows to manage your staff lockers; Allocated Lockers and Hot Lockers. Both locker management systems are designed to fit into any environment. You can also choose to implement both systems in one location, all managed from a single easy-to-use management dashboard.

Hot Locker System 

The Hot Locker system allows staff to choose their own locker. First, they find any available locker indicated by a flashing light. Once they have chosen a locker, they touch their access card to open it and the lock remembers them. When they finished, they touch the lock to open it and the locker forgets them ready for the next user. We call this “Touch to remember, touch to forget”. Every action is recorded in the Locker Manager so you can see usage and analytics at a glance.

Allocated Locker System

Managers allocate staff an available locker using the online Locker Manager dashboard. The system then sends the users ID to the locker by bluetooth. The member of staff can now access the locker using their access card whenever they need to. To un-assign a user from a locker, the manager removes them in the Locker Manager. Every action is sent to the Locker Manager by bluetooth and recorded in the system so you can control your lockers at a glance.

What Our Clients Are Saying

thumb_01_60_60 Cara Kaiser

Cluster Loss Prevention Manager, Amazon Germany

"eLocker simplifies management problems associated with traditional key systems. Management is simple and easy through online tools. Kiosks are also easy to use and lockers are quickly issued.”
thumb_01_60_60 Damian Gould

Security Manager, Tesco

"The eLocker management system has saved us so much time. Previously It took around 3 months for us to give a new member of staff a locker, it now takes less than a minute. I really cant explain how helpful this software is.”

Staff Locker Brochure

Download our brochure for more information on the eLocker Manager and our locker systems.

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