Protect Your Workforce With Locker Pods

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, eLocker has developed individual locker pods. Each pod allows one person at a time to access the lockers reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

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What The Pods Do

Our lockers pods are specifically designed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect your staff.

Social Distancing

Helps reduce contact by isolating lockers and restricting access to one at a time.

Anti-Bacterial Protection

Our contactless locks are coated with an anti-bacterial coating which is HTM 01-05 compliant .

Protect Staff

The well-being of your workforce is one of the most important aspects of fighting COVID-19. Our pods reduce the risk of them contracting the virus.

Reduce Sick Days

Prevents the depletion of your work force by reducing the spread of infection. Less staff off sick, means more at work. 

How Our Pods Work 

The social isolation pods work by enforcing a 2m distance between staff members when accessing lockers. The pods can be used alongside fencing and floor stickers to make staff keep distance. Pods are built to work with old and new lockers and are build out of click + clack racking, making them super easy to install and makes them useful after you have finished using them.

Utilising Our Smart Hot Locker System

Our Social Distancing Locker Pods utilise our intelligent Hot Locker system. You can see how that works by watching the video or checking out our quick-step guide below.

What Our Clients Are Saying

thumb_01_60_60 Cara Kaiser

Cluster Loss Prevention Manager, Amazon Germany

"eLocker simplifies management problems associated with traditional key systems. Management is simple and easy through online tools. Kiosks are also easy to use and lockers are quickly issued.”
thumb_01_60_60 Damian Gould

Security Manager, Tesco

"The eLocker management system has saved us so much time. Previously It took around 3 months for us to give a new member of staff a locker, it now takes less than a minute. I really cant explain how helpful this software is.”

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