Smart Warehouse Lockers

Save space, time, money by automating your staff lockers and your device management process.

Warehouse floor asset lockers

Asset Management Lockers


Staff Locker Solutions

Save 94% of management time and cost of managing devices and staff lockers

Proven by the worlds largest eccomerce retailer

Make your old lockers, smart lockers
Just replace the lock

The words first retrofittable smart lock, simply replace the locks in your exsisting lockers and connect them to our online locker management system, making your old lockers, smart lockers

Four things that you will make you wonder how you ever managed without smart lockers



No more locker keys, or access codes – integrate warehouse lockers into your access badges and further your company one card policy
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Smart, self service lockers remove the management time and empower your staff, they can collect a day locker and a device with no management support


Our online dashboard keeps you up to date with who is using which locker and gives you a full analytics suite to see how your lockes are being used
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On average, 70% of lockers go unused. You can get rid of your under-utilised lockers and reclaim valuable space by installing eLocker.
Warehouse floor asset locker

An enterprise level smart locker solution

We come at this from the top down. We understand you have many sites; we understand that standardisation is complex and that with a manual system, managing many locations is almost impossible. 

Our enterprise offering connects the dots and generates a single source of truth for your locker and asset management, click below to find out how