Smart Staff Lockers

Save time, money and give your staff the best experience with smart staff lockers

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Benefits For You

Save up to 94% on the cost of locker

Reclaim space in your office by reducing
the number of lockers

Boost your security with a fully digital,
online SaaS solution

Get real-time insights into your locker
usage across all locations

Benefits For Your team

Completely self service and totally

Works with their mobile phone, or your
personal access card

A fully secure way to store personal items
giving a full sense of security

No more waiting in line to get a locker or
frustration with Losing keys or codes

A smart locker system using your old lockers

Now you can give your old lockers a new lease of life by upgrading them to smart locks and managing them all from one easy-to use online dashboard. Find out how to upgrade to smart lockers today

Smart Staff Lockers - How did you manage without them?



Easily Integrate eLocker into your company access badges and remove the need to manage thousands of locker keys or combination codes

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Make your lockers self-service, removing the admin burden for your facilities team while making your employee experience better


eLocker provides live data on your locker usage, keeping you in total control.
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On average, only 60% of allocated lockers are used, reduce your locker fleet and claim back your prime real estate

Workflows available on your smart locker system


Personal lockers, allocated for
individual secure Storage


Day lockers, activated by touching a
card. Used just for the day


Lockers for a team to share resources
and use collaboratively

Opened by your access badge, and your phone

Your Personal Intelligent Locker System

Quickly and easily integrate eLocker with your company access badge system for unlimited access control, maximum security and a truly future proofed solution.

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eLocker Analytics

Smart Staff Locker Management

More than just a locker management system

eLocker’s insightful reports and analytics let you analyse, optimize and gain actionable intelligence on your lockers. Fund out how you can take your locker management online

Benefits You Receive

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Gain insights into locker usage. Our analytics solution helps you manage your lockers more effectively. The realtime data help you make decisions on how many lockers to implement or remove as necessary
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30% of lockers are usually underutilized. With real data you can decrease the size of your locker areas, reutilizing space for your office. Clawing back useful space in your office

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Managers and employees spend up to 30% of their time looking for lost keys and lock combinations. eLocker integrates into your existing access control system, removing the need for keys, pin codes or screens.
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Stop wasting time allocating lockers using a spreadsheet! eLocker’s smart locker locks are fully self-service and reduce your admin burden dramatically. Create better locker groups, allow users to check their availability, and much more.
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Easy to install, eLocker reduces theft and false loss claims by having live usage data and audits from your smart locks. All your information is secure through our encrypted locker system.
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The modern manager’s locker room. Automate up to 94% of your locker workflows with an online locker automation system that’s built for enterprise. Automate your locker management to make time for more productive task
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Get access to your eLocker anytime, from anywhere with a free smart phone app. eLocker is safe and secure with full Bluetooth encryption. No more worrying about lost keys or forgetting your locker combination.
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Our smart office storage system has proven to save money by removing up to 94% of the administration time of managing lockers, translating into time cost savings and a better experience for your team

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered. Here are the top 5 questions we get about eLocker

Our technicians will simply remove the old locks from your office storage and replace them with eLocks. We usually find offices either use the standard key camlock or an inbuilt combination lock. Our smart locker locks provide a like-for-like replacement for standard locks, but if you have an uncommon lock, we can make a custom retrofit solution to work with it.

On average eLocker allows you to remove 30% of your locker fleet. eLocker saves space by using analytics to determine how many lockers are actually required, by using locker usage analytics, our system knows when lockers are in use. This allows companies to make smarter decisions about their storage allocation, repurposing or removing lockers only when they are not needed.

We take security and privacy very seriously. We have fully encrypted communication between your account in our cloud hosted locker management system and our locks using military grade AES 128byte encryption. We regularly OWASP test our online platform and are working towards an ISO27001 certification, we are also fully GDPR compliant.

As a general rule, 5 – 10 years

We know that companies offering wired lockers say the batteries in our wireless locks will last only six months, but we can confirm that this information is incorrect.

We have 70 pages in a report on battery usage, and we are confident of our findings. In practice, we expect the locks to last five to ten years with a set of three AA batteries.

eLocker provides several different options for how much information you can store in the system. The first is the least amount, where we only have card numbers and ID’s like payroll or employee numbers; next there’s “business card data.” This means no more than what can be found on internet–first name/last name coupled with email address (or mobile phone).

Book a short call to discuss your use case, this is no obligation for quote and is just a quick chat to see how we can help with your locker management system