Smart Replacement Locker Locks 

In recent years, electronic, intelligent locker locks have gained popularity as an alternative to keys and combination locks. We rely on lockers in a variety of environments to store our belongings securely, however, the emerging problem is that traditional locker locks take a ton of work to manage and can be easily compromised, leading to theft or loss of personal belongings.

Smart replacement locker locks, more specifically, eLocks are the new generation of smart locks, designed to replace traditional locking systems. eLocks are more secure, easy to use and automate locker management, making them a better option for safeguarding your teams personal items. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using eLocks in place of traditional locker locks and the different types available to choose from. Read on to learn more!

smart replacement locker lock in traditional lockers

Why Use Smart Replacement Locker Locks?

There are many different reasons to replace mechanical locks on your existing storage lockers. Perhaps the previous locks have become damaged or outdated, or you may just feel like it is time to evolve your business with a more technologically advanced solution. In any case, it’s important to choose a replacement lock that is both smart and secure.

Smart locker technology allows you to manage access to your lockers remotely, which means that you can keep track of who is accessing what and when, from anywhere with an internet connection. This not only makes it easier to keep track of your inventory, but also helps ensure the security of your teams personal items.

In fact, smart lockers have a number of additional benefits over traditional, key-based lockers:

  1. Increased security – With a smart locker system, you can control who has access to which lockers and when via keyless entry and online locker management. This makes it much harder for unauthorised personnel to gain access to the locker contents providing peace of mind and increased protection for your business assets.
  2. Convenience – The online locker management system eliminates the management of thousands of locker keys or a process of resetting the combination lcoks. This means administrators and business owners can benefit from an automated solution which completely removes the burden of administering lockers
  3. Efficiency – A smart locker system can track which items have been removed from each locker and when. This helps you to more easily monitor the use of your resources. Additionally, because credentials are authenticated electronically, there is no need for users to remember multiple passwords or PINs optimising the storage process.


smart replacement locker locks

How Easy is it to Install Smart Replacement Locker Locks?

It’s incredibly straightforward to upgrade your existing locker system to eLocker smart lockers – in fact, the locks retrofit easily into your existing units saving you both time and money.

Once installed you’ll then be able to manage all of your locker activity through an online locker management system, including unlocking doors, setting access times, and more. Plus, you know that t your teams belongings are safe and secure as the replacement locker locks come with a tamper-proof locking system.

Types of Smart Locks

Now that you know how simple it is to make the switch, it’s time to choose your lock. There are a few different types of smart replacement locker locks on the market, each designed for different purposes. The mini retrofit locks are great for commercial offices or education establishments where aesthetics are the top priority. These locks are small and easy to install, making them a perfect choice for busy businesses no matter how many lockers are in use.

The chunky retrofit locks are better suited for industrial/factory or warehouse settings, where maximum security is key. These locks are much more heavy-duty, making them ideal for high use or ‘harder use’ environments.

Finally, the “Square” Smart Steel Locker Lock is a stylish, yet highly robust and functional lock, perfect for steel lockers in any environment.

Mini Retrofit Lock

If you’re looking for a way to make your office lockers more efficient, then look no further than the Mini Retrofittable Smart Lock. The mini eLock is the perfect way to give your storage a neat appearance while automating management.

With its compact size, this smart little device can be retrofitted directly onto any new or existing lockers without disrupting functionality or compromising on security! The lock is operated with the help of an app or key card (iOS and Android) and can be managed online using the eLocker management system.

mini retrofit smart lock


The lock does not require an external power supply as it is battery-powered and works with 13.56 MHz RFID, access badge technology, namely HID, Mifare Classic and DESfire systems. This tech is compatible with existing access tags or key cards already used in the workplace setting meaning there is minimal interference with existing security systems.

Chunky Retrofit Lock

Similarly to the mini retrofit lock The chunky retrofittable smart lock upgrades your existing staff or warehouse locker to make them flexible and fully managed online. They can be monitored via the same locker management system and there are multiple workflows you can choose from, depending on your security preferences and individual environment.

The eLocker Chunky Retrofit lock is a battery operated lock that doesn’t need an external power supply. In fact, it features 3 x AA batteries which are easy to replace without requiring professional maintenance.

chunky retrofit smart lock

As with the small lock, the chunky variety works with the same access badge technology as the mini to provide secure locking and unlocking. And with a slightly more heavy duty design, this is the perfect replacement locker lock for providing easy, keyless entry to your essential items in any warehouse or industrial setting.

“Square” Smart Steel Locker Lock

Finally, the square smart lock is a sleek and functional way to secure your steel lockers. A traditional combination hardware set, the product features an elegant design that will give you peace of mind knowing no one can tamper with or move any items from your workplace without appropriate permission.

Small Square Smart replacement locker lock

Operated similarly to the lock types above, installation is quick and easy with the square steel e-Lock. This lock is made from durable steel, so you can rest assured it will be hard-wearing and stand up to regular use. So if you’re looking for a smart and easy way to keep your steel locker contents safe, this is the perfect solution.


smart replacement locker locks

Ready to Make the Switch to Smart Replacement Locker Locks?

So, there you have it! Our comprehensive guide on how to replace your locker locks. These smart replacement locker locks all connect to e-Lockers intelligent and user-friendly SaaS management platform making them easy for you to use. The system can also be built with custom workflows, so that your team is more efficient and organised in their everyday operations! Unlike other locker locks on the market, these are unique in the sense that they are easily installed on any locker system, old or new.

We’ve shown you three different types of smart replacement locker locks – the mini retrofit lock, the chunky retrofit lock, and the square steel locker lock. Hopefully, this has given you a good idea of what type of smart lock will work best for your needs and encourage you to take the next step in ensuring smart security for your workplace! Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about what we can do for you.



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