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The customer is a high end, online furniture brand based in London, England that designs and retails homewares and furniture online, and across a network of experiential showrooms in Europe.
The customer approached eLocker as they struggled to find an adequate solution for employee personal storage when planning the return to the workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic.


The customer was redesigning their workplace to reduce the number of desks, creating new collaboration areas as staff will only come into the office two or three days each week rather than full-time. The challenge with agile working or ‘hot desking’ is that staff don’t have a static desk or designated desk storage. Using lockers with keys or combination locks is not viable in a hot-desking scenario as the administration to clear the lockers daily is too heavy.


We provided and installed our secure smart office storage system where employees could store their personal belongings during the day.
By replacing large desks with pedestals for smaller bench desking, the customer reduced the space needed for desks in their office. The intelligent locker system still gives their staff a place to store their belongings during the day.
Given that the customer is a furniture company, they had specific requests for the locker design. So we put together a customised design that perfectly fits their office space as we can manufacture to spec.


The outcome is that they have a smart locker system that aligns with their new office policy. As a result, workers can come in, choose a locker for the day without the help of facilities management.
Unlike traditional systems, our hot lockers support agile working and hot-desking while reducing the number of lockers needed in the office by as much as 70% – leading to significant cost savings.
Employees can now just bring their laptops and have one monitor pre-set up on bench desks, meaning desks and workstations are smaller and more efficient. In addition, the workplace has become agile and more people are working from home or remotely.


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