Make your Old Lockers
Smart Lockers

Make your Old Lockers Smart Lockers

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Upgrade your lockers to make them intelligent, data gathering lockers but simply swapping out your locks

Simply swap your old key or combination locks with an eLock. Connect it to the internet wirelessly with our gateways and enjoy a fully managed smart locker system

office lockers

How it works

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The Benefits Of Retrofitting

Instead of fully replacing your locker fleet, choose the sustainable approach and simply retrofit your locks. Making your old lockers, smart lockers

Use Existing Lockers

Using indsutry stadnard parts to retrofit into any MFC or steel Locker

Cost Effective

Replacing locks is much more effective than a new wired system

Low Operational Impact

Swap locks over time and upgrade your lockers without closing them off to staff

Fast Turnaround

Retrofit locks take 45 seconds to fit and can get you up and running in no time

How it Works

Remove your old lock

Simply take your old locks out of your existing lockers

Install the retrofit lock

Install the eLocker retrofit lock in the same place as the old lock

Install Smart Boxes

Install our bluetooth gateways within 10 meters of your eLockers

Manage Lockers Online

Manage your lockers from our online management dashboard

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Discuss your project

Talk to an Retrofit Management Experts

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Retrofit Industrial

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Retrofit Light

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Locker Solutions

Our solutions are built to suit every environment and are all powered by eLocker Manager. You can even implement multiple systems in one location.


Personal lockers for individuals, or team lockers for up to 20 people to shart

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Agile lockers which are self-allocated by touching a card. Used just for the day and shared by your team

smart locker services


Track your equipment using lockers, staff collect devices at shift start, and return at shift end. Giving you analytics of who used what, when

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