Tired of buying
replacement locker keys?

Save money, time and headspace by replacing your locker locks. Smart locker locks remove the need for keys and move your locker management process into the 21st centrey
door locker keys

No more locker keys, replace your locker locks
and upgrade to smart lockers

Make your old lockers, smart lockers by upgrading your old locks to smart locks and managing them with our online locker management system

Upgrade in three easy steps


Step 1

In 1 mintute remove the exsisting locks from our lockers
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Step 2

In 2 mintute  Install wireless eLocks on your old lockers
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Step 3

Your Engineers Install bluetooth gateways and manage your lockers online

No more spreadsheets, no more keys, just a fully automated locker system

Lets have a 15 minute discovery call

Two Lock Options Avaliable

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For Office

Mini Retrofit

The mini retrofit smart lock has been designed with
the office in mind. The lock has a small form factor
and is built with design in mind

chunky retrofit smart lock

Chunky Retrofit

for Industrical

The standard ‘chunky’ retrofit smart lock is built for
warehouses, factories and industrial environments
where a more resilient lock is needed

Four things that you will make you wonder how you ever managed without



Remove the hassle of having to manage thousands of keys by integrating your lockers with your existing access cards.
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Completely self service, with no more managment, allocations or management of lockers, let us do the hard work for you


A fully up to date, online suite of analytics. Keeping you up to date and in the know on how your lockers are being used
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On average only 60% of allocated lockers are used, eLocker lets you reduce your locker fleet and claim back your prime real estate

Works with your access badges
or your mobile

Its not just a case of replacing locker keys with access codes. eLocker takes you one step further. By integrating with your access badges orusing our fully secure mobile app, Your locker management will become something never have to worry about again

locker mobile access badge

Benefits of replacing your locker locks

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Use Exisiting Lockers

Our smart lock system uses industry standard parts to retrofit into any MFC or steel Locker
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Cost Effective

Replacing locks is much more effective than a new wired system, and is fully sustainable
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Low Operational Impact

Swap locks over at your leisure and upgrade your lockers without closing them off to staff
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Fast Turnaround

Upgrading a lock takes just 45 seconds and we can get you up and running in no time

Frequently Asked Questions

A Low Operational Impact
Our Smart Locks (eLocks) have been developed so that they can be easily installed, replacing your existing locks. They connect to the internet via a wireless gateway, once installed, eLocks can be updated, managed and tracked through the eLocker Manager .
eLocker is the world’s first wireless smart lock system. With other systems on the market, you have to run wires from the locks to a controller and a host of other complicated networking ports. Not with eLocker. Install the wireless lock, install a wireless gateway, and your system will be online—no wires are required!
Sure, we’ve found out on average that around 70% of lockers are unused. We’ve seen this happen in both offices and warehouses. Using agile workflows and smart management you can reduce the amount of lockers in your building, freeing up space that could be used in your operation or as employee break rooms.
It’s really simple: most access badges use either Mifare or HID technology. eLocker has a range of standard integrations that integrate with these technologies, giving you different levels of integration depending on which technology you use. If you are interested in an eLocker integration, please get in touch and we can guide you through the process so that your smart lockers can talk to your access badges.
You can decide how much informatoin is saved in eLocker. Either using minimum information, which includes names and ID numbers for payroll or employee records. Or you can use business card data, which includes the most I could find on the internet—first name and last name, plus an email address (or mobile phone).