"Square" Smart Steel Locker Lock


A fully connected Bluetooth lock for steel lockers

The “Square” steel smart locker lock fits onto new locks or lockers for the office or the warehouse, making them flexible and managed online. The eLock is fitted directly onto your steel lockers, giving your furniture an elegant and neat appearance. The lock is operated using a key card or a mobile app (iOS and Android) and is managed online using the eLocker Manger system, with different types of locker workflows.

The eLock can be installed in both new and existing storage units. The lock is battery-powered (3 x AA batteries) and does not require an external power supply. The locks work with 13.56 MHz RFID, access badge technology or a Bluetooth mobile app.

The technology that controls the lock can be implemented in existing tags or key cards used in the workplace without interfering with existing systems. Installed out of sight on the inside of the furniture

  • Easy handling and management
  • Easy to customise your locker workflows
  • Easy to install, easy to use