How eLocker improved the security of the biggest, most established technology corporation in the world.


eLocker Hot System

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Conny Schneider


The customer is a global technology company. They are an American multinational technology corporation that produces computer software, computer electronics, personal computers, and related services. They are one of the biggest, most established technology corporations in the world, and you are probably using a device made by them right now.


The problem is that the customer is delivering cloud services to the US government, and it is business critical that their buildings are secure. 

The business facility has a secure zone and staff are unable to take anything into the area with them. This includes bags, laptops, phones, and other personal belongings. 

Employees needed a secure place to store their belongings before they went into the secure zone.


The solution is our eLocker Hot System. They are hot lockers that allow employees to choose and access a secure locker via a self-service solution. Staff can go into the locker areas and find an available locker with a flashing green light. They then touch their card against the lock to self allocate and can then put their belongings into a locker. 

We were able to integrate the customer’s existing users access badges. This was extremely important for them because they only allow staff to take their access badges into the secure area for security reasons.

We are currently implementing a standalone system for the customers. This means that the locks aren’t connected to the internet and there’s no networking to protect them the best we can manage. However, this is likely to change in the future once we have finalised the security and procurement process with the customer.

Once the first three projects are running using a standalone solution, we should get the go ahead to upgrade it to be our network system. This uses wireless gateways to connect the locks to the internet so the customer receives the key companies analytics data on which lockers are most popular and how they are being used which could end up saving them money.


The biggest outcome of the innovation is an increase in security, something that is business critical for the customer. Being a government building means that high security is crucial. Our hot locker system allows the customer to maintain their security policy by ensuring that staff only take their badges into the secure area.

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