How a well-known UK grocery retailer significantly improved workplace efficiency with eLocker

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The customer is a large, well-known UK grocery retailer with supermarkets/ convenience stores in nearly every town.

They are a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. Companies as large as this one need to have efficient employees in order to achieve tasks and generate sales which can’t be done when employees are all spending the same amount of time trying to access their lockers, so we stepped in to implement some processes that may help.


The company’s locker room featured an accumulation of old and outdated lockers. Many of the lockers used keys and padlocks that staff brought in themselves.

There was no efficient locker management in place and new staff were waiting up to three months to get a locker when they joined the business. The company was also spending significant amounts of time and money replacing lost keys.

This was having an obvious impact on the employee experience, workplace productivity, and profits.


eLocker Manager, an online managed smart locker system, was the ideal solution to this problem. Once installed, the company could allocate each employee a locker. We weren’t able to integrate the technology into their existing access cards, but we provided them with badge holders so they could have a one card policy without requiring a full integration which can only increase efficiency within the staff members and reduce the amount of things they need to remember and increase the companies total sales across the board.


Our allocated smart locker system revolutionised their locker management and significantly showed the employees improve efficiency.

They went from having no informational data on locker management to having real-time data on who uses what and when. The customer realised that 25% of their lockers were not being used by staff and they are now looking to reduce the size of their locker rooms to create and increase resource space in their warehouse facility.

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