Hot Desking Lockers for a Global Insurance conglomerate

1,250 Installs in first 7.2 months

Hot Desk Lockers


Hot Desking Lockers


The client is a global insurance company that turns over 1.5 billion and has offices in London, Shanghai, Singapore and Rio. They started transitioning to agile working before COVID, and they have moved from having humongous individually assigned desks to creating much smaller, more agile workstations.


The customer was looking into implementing a hot-desking policy before COVID to streamline their real estate and improve workplace efficiency. They were employing more people and growing, but the office wasn’t big enough – hot desking offered the perfect solution to this problem. Their goal was to make better use of the space they already had, not to be forced to buy more expensive commercial real estate in London.


The customer had 250 beautiful MFC lockers in their offices. We were able to integrate their existing access cards fully, so the cards that employees use to get into the building are also used to access their lockers.

The New MFC lockers are three high, manufactured by a UK company. The sleek design features a mixture of hot lockers and team lockers. Team lockers are used to share resources across the site.


Our locker system supported their new workplace policy and allowed them to use their existing space better, saving them time and resources.
The customer made a bold move before COVID, which paid off massively; if they had taken on another floor in their building just before covid, they would have taken on a considerable expense which would have effectively been redundant for the last 18 months. Well done to the customer!
Utilising our locker system has led to significant cost-savings, as they can operate from one office and don’t need to pay for additional office space as they expand.


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