How eLocker helped a multinational financial institution improve the operational efficiency of their smart locker system

700 lockers

eLocker system

Ongoing contract


The company is a multinational financial institution with accounting firms located in hundreds of countries around the world.


The organisation has a high staff turnover and adding or removing employees from the eLocker system was a time-consuming and expensive process. They wanted a way to directly modify user information on the eLocker database without having to manually go into the database and update it.


eLocker created a new product that uses SFTP file transfer protocol to automate management processes on the eLocker system. SFTP can be used to import new users, remove users, and update user information on the database. This means that user information on the eLocker system can now be updated automatically, without the need for manual input.

The new product was implemented on around 500 lockers at the company’s head office in Bristol and roughly 200 lockers at their London office.


The SFTP system eliminates the need for someone to manually log into the eLocker system and update user information on the database. The importing process has now been automated which improves the operational efficiency of locker management and saves the organisation significant amounts of time and money.

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