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Many of our customers wanted to reduce the number of cards and keys that their employees bring into the workplace. Staff are more likely to misplace locker keys if they are carrying around multiple access cards and replacing lost locker keys is expensive.


We created a kiosk where employees can put their work cards on a card reader and gain access to the entire eLocker system. The work card is activated via the kiosk’s card read and ready to use in less than five seconds. The member of staff can then use their work card to access one of eLocker’s smart lockers and store their belongings securely while they are in the workplace.

The kiosk uses API processes to check that the user is registered on the database. This security feature ensures that only authorised personnel can use the locker system.


This eLocker kiosk allows employees to access our smart lockers using their existing work cards. This means they don’t need to worry about bringing another card or key into the office for lockers. Staff need their work card to access their office building and having a locker key on the same card means they are much less likely to forget it.

Having fewer work cards and keys can also lead to significant cost savings as companies will spend less money and time replacing lost keys in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain work cards that we can’t load the eLocker keys on. However, the card reader on the kiosk is compatible with most types of work cards – approximately 95%. If a customer’s existing work cards are not compatible with our system, then we can issue them with eLocker badges or cards that will give employees contactless entry to our lockers.

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