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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about eLocker here.

What is eLocker Manager?

eLocker Manager is an online application that makes managing your intelligent locker fleet easy. It can reduce the time spent managing your lockers by up to 90%, automating time-consuming tasks such as adding new staff, allocating lockers, replacing keys and much more. Live reports, statistics and analytics provide everything you need to control your lockers, all in just a few clicks.

How does eLocker Manager work?

eLocker Manager connects to your lockers wirelessly, so you can manage them remotely.

Each lock is contactless and users can access the lockers using their ID card. You can choose how your lockers are managed when setting up your eLocker Manager system. eLocker offers several different locker management systems: hot lockers, allocated lockers and asset lockers (parcel lockers coming soon).

Need a bespoke solution? eLocker manager is completely versatile and can be used to create almost any solution so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How do I know which eLocker system is right for me?

Each locker system is designed to provide a solution for common locker environments and you can implement more than one system. Find out more about our 'Allocated', 'Hot' and 'Asset' Lockers below.

Parcel Lockers - coming soon. Contact us to register your interest now.

Need a bespoke system? Drop us a message and we can discuss your requirements.

How do Allocated Lockers work?

Allocated Lockers work by allowing managers to allocate a locker to a specific user, which only they can access. The locker remains assigned to them until the user is removed in the eLocker Manager system. You can then use the Analytics package to track when they used it. You can find out more about our Allocated Lockers here.

How do Hot Lockers work?

Hot Lockers work by allowing users to select a free locker, free lockers are indicated by a flashing green light. 

The user claims the free locker by touching it with their ID card and places their belongings in the locker. When the user opens the locker by touching their card again the locker is made available for the next user. We refer to this as ‘touch to remember, touch to forget.’ All self allocations are recorded in your online dashboard to give you live analytics on who is using each locker. You can find out more about our Hot Lockers here.

How do Asset Lockers work?

Asset Lockers allow you to keep your assets, such as scanners and laptops, safe and track their usage. Users open an asset locker with their ID card and remove the asset. 

This action is logged in the system. When the user returns the asset, they must touch the asset (attached RFID tag) and the lock with their ID card. 

The system checks that the correct asset is being returned by the same user and then logs the action in the system. This provides complete accountability for your assets. All touches are logged and the system creates live usage analytics which are shown on the dashboard. You can find out more about our Asset Lockers here.

Can I buy locks and lockers from eLocker?

Yes. eLocker offers a full, turnkey service – this means that eLocker provides everything. Lockers, locks, delivery, installation, training and ongoing support. 

We have ranges of steel lockers and wooden lockers. If they don’t take your fancy, we can build you a bespoke solution. Get in touch to discuss any of our product options.

So eLocks are battery-powered, how long is the battery life?

Good question. Our eLocks have been developed with battery life in mind. Our eLocker Guarantee covers battery life for up to 5 years. However, we expect it to last for 10+ years.

During testing, we have had locks working over 400,000 cycles – based on 8 openings per day, that works out at over 136 years’ worth of use. Obviously, this is in a lab environment so results may vary in different live environments.

Who maintains the eLocker online system?

We do. We maintain the eLocker Manager system and all its software, including all development, security and updates. eLocker is a cloud-based solution hosted on our global server network, which delivers a 99.9% uptime. 

In the unlikely event of any technical issues with the system, we provide 24-hour support to get you back up and running.

Who manages the lockers?

You can manage all lockers, locks, users and allocation through your eLocker Manager dashboard. We provide you with on-site training on how to use the system along with detailed documentation.

Can eLocker fit on our old lockers?

YES! Our retro-fit eLocks fit onto your existing lockers by simply replacing the old lock. Once we’ve replaced your locks we add an eLocker gateway into the locker area and you can begin managing your lockers online. More information about our retrofit locks is coming soon.

What support do you provide?

As part of your eLocker system, you will receive full support according to the eLocker SLA – this ensures you have 99.9% uptime of your system and the support team will answer any technical questions you may have.

What are your lead times?

We have standard lockers available in the UK and ready to go. We can have your system installed and fully operational in 2-3 weeks. Our global distributor network means we can get a system up and running almost anywhere in the world in around 4-5 weeks.

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