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Upgrading the locker rooms of your favourite online retailer

Online Retailer
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Upgrading the locker rooms of your favourite online retailer

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The company is one of the world’s largest online retailers with over 300 sites spread all over the UK and Europe, they are also spread throughout America, Australia and the APAC region.

Llet’s be honest, you probably placed an order with them yesterday afternoon


When the customer approached eLocker, their lockers were being managed using conventional keys, combination locks, padlocks and spreadsheets. This traditional approach to locker management was causing challenges and leading to loss of productivity and revenue.

Both Loss prevention managers and staff were frustrated with the antiquated locker management practices and were calling out to senior management for a new solution


There was no standardisation and locker management was requiring thousands of admin hours, leading to significant labour costs.

The other problem was that there was no industry standard across Europe with regards to managing lockers, meaning every site was being managed differently. The goal was to standardise locker management across the whole region to ensure consistency.


The solution is eLocker Manager, an innovative online managed locker system. One of the biggest benefits of the technology is that we can retrofit their existing lockers, saving both time and money. Many of our competitors’ systems use wires and require full locker fleet replacement – a process that is costly and time-consuming.

With traditional systems, each locker is wired up to a controller, and retrofitting that into existing lockers is impossible. Whereas, eLocker is wireless meaning we can take their old locks out, put new locks in, connect them to the internet, and upgrade their existing lockers in minutes. It’s efficient from both a cost and a sustainability perspective.

We have to put the smart boxes in place, so they are the gateway between the lock and the internet. The smart boxes will go in first, a kiosk can collect the information off their staff badges, and we then swap the old locks with our smart lock.

This is where the standardisation comes in. The customer wanted to improve the efficiency of their locker management, while also collecting valuable real-time data and analytics on locker usage.


The data revealed that around 30% of the lockers are not being used.
This means the customer is able reduce their locker rooms by around 30%, not only in their new build sites, but also in their existing locations.

The reduction of 30% of their locker fleet leads to monumental space and cost savings across their whole network.

The customer is able to reduce their locker room size and convert the space into operational warehouse space, or into breakout areas for staff. We have also done a pilot of our latest technology in the UK and some sites in Europe, and now they’re then looking to make it a standard and roll it out across the whole of the region.

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Upgrading the locker rooms of your favourite online retailer