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Smart pharmacy lockers streamline the distribution of medication and improve the patient experience

Click-and-collect lockers
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Smart pharmacy lockers streamline the distribution of medication and improve the patient experience

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The company is a regulated pharmaceutical company located in the UK. They manage NHS repeat prescriptions on behalf of patients and dispense medications to patients throughout the UK.


Distributing medication to patients manually is a time-consuming task which puts pressure on pharmacists and their support staff. This can lead to long waiting times which can have a negative impact on patient outcomes.  


Having to visit a pharmacy to collect prescriptions during opening hours can also be inconvenient for patients, especially for those who work flexible hours. This may discourage patients from taking their medications which, in turn, could lead to health complications and increase the demand on NHS services. 


Pharmaceutical companies need to identify ways to streamline the distribution of medication, improve flow management, and enhance patient care and treatment.


Online retailers like Amazon have been using parcel lockers for several years to streamline their delivery processes and improve the customer experience. Pharmaceutical companies can also use smart locker solutions to make patient experiences more convenient.


Pharmacy lockers work in a similar way to regular eCommerce lockers. Patients will be notified once their medication has been dispensed by their pharmacist and is ready to collect. Their medication will be stored in a secure locker which they can access using a unique verification code.


Pharmacy lockers create a seamless experience and give patients the freedom to collect medications 24/7 at a time that suits them. This is especially beneficial for patients who do shift work or work irregular hours. Click-and-collect services are also convenient for patients who have chronic health conditions and require multiple repeat prescriptions.

Improving the distribution process and reducing waiting times will encourage patients to take their medication meaning they are less likely to require medical treatment. This, in turn, will give healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses more time to care for other patients.


Installing click-and-collect lockers will also save pharmaceutical companies substantial time and money and reduce waiting times for all patients.

Frequently Asked Question

Are there any issues to be aware of?

Click-and-collect lockers have the power to revolutionise the distribution of medication and significantly improve the patient experience. However, there are some potential issues to be aware of. Firstly, certain medications must be refrigerated so pharmacy lockers must be installed with temperature control features. 

Secondly, implementing smart distribution systems will require some level of patient re-education. Some patients, especially elderly patients, may find it difficult to use new technologies. However, younger patients are likely to be familiar with the click-and-collect process and find it much more convenient.

Are pharmacy lockers secure?

At eLocker, we understand that locker security is paramount, especially when lockers are being used to store medications and drugs. Our intelligence lockers are fitted with the latest security features and are designed to offer the highest levels of security. 

Locks can only be unlocked with the patient’s unique verification code and all our smart lockers are managed via an online dashboard dedicated to allocating and managing locker space.

Can patients access pharmacy lockers 24/7?

Patients can access their medications 24/7 if the pharmacy chooses to have the lockers installed outside. If the lockers are installed inside the building, then patients will be able to access them during opening hours.

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    Smart pharmacy lockers streamline the distribution of medication and improve the patient experience