How eLocker rentals digitised school locker management in a UK secondary

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The School

The customer is a secondary school based in North London. It is an academy that is part of a network of approximately 50 schools in the UK. 

How eLocker rentals digitised locker management in a UK secondary school

The School Locker Management Problem

When the customer approached eLocker, their facility’s manager had no way of tracking which child was allocated to which locker. 


On top of this, they were using keys to access lockers which is extremely difficult to manage, especially with children. Children were losing their locker keys regularly and replacing keys was costing the school significant amounts of money on school locker management each year.  


There were roughly 1200 lockers in total, spread across six areas of the school. The lockers were separated into year groups. For instance, lockers for year seven students were in one area, year eight lockers were in another area, etc.


The ideal school locker management solution in this case was the eLocker rental system. With this service, the eLocker team installs the new smart locks and the lockers are free of charge. 


Parents can then book lockers for their children via the eLocker rentals online platform. This automates the school locker management process and means the school no longer has to issue keys or manually allocate lockers to students.  


The parents have two options.

Their child can either download an application and use their mobile phone to open the locker, or we can integrate the system into the badges. Students can use the badge they use to get into the school to access the lockers.


The outcome was fully automated school locker management system which significantly reduced the admin time associated with locker management. 


The facilities manager no longer had to spend hours every week monitoring lockers and dealing with children who had lost keys.


The new system also saved parents money because the school was charging parents five pounds every time a child lost a key. This helped to improve the relationship between the parents and the school.

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    How eLocker rentals digitised locker management in a UK secondary school