How eLocker securely manages office parcel delivery in multiple occupancy spaces.

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Unlike a traditional office space this company manages a building with a number of different coworking spaces in it.


They have parcels being delivered both to businesses and personal deliveries into the workplace, what they needed was a office parcel delivery locker system in place to help look after the parcels.  Keeping  the main reception space looking professional, and

allowing the  reception team can focus on handling customers and not parcels.


They didn’t have any spaces they could use to secure these parcels and they were just left on the floor in front of reception where anybody could pick them up, taking up too much space, creating disruption in the workspace.


They were also losing parcels which causes issues to all the businesses that were receiving or sending parcels within the office space. They were open to hear the big ideas to help find a suitable office parcel delivery solution that didn’t require using a private office as a storage space.


Our office parcel delivery locker system provides an elegant solution and a simple process.


The courier comes in, tells the receptionist that he’s got a delivery and the details tied to it.


The receptionist gives them a four-digit code, they key the code into the kiosk, an empty locker will open, they put the parcel into the locker and shut the door.


The receptionist then emails the individual responsible to inform them that they’ve got a parcel or mail waiting for them on site and gives them a unique code to key in.


They don’t have to wait for the receptionist to be free or off the phone. They can just go straight to the kiosk, key in the code and take the parcel from the secure space.


We now know all the data surrounding the parcels that enter the building, what time and date the parcel was delivered and exactly when the parcel was taken, so there’s full accountability and better communication surrounding those parcels. From the moment that they enter reception until they’re taken away by the recipient who they were intended for.


Our office parcel delivery lockers, solutions and services have provided this business the ability to safely and confidently keep parcels for the office space in a secure dedicated area. Whilst giving reception team their workspace back allowing them to perform better for the business.

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    How eLocker securely manages parcels in multiple occupancy office spaces