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How eLocker automated asset distribution solution for a global pharmaceutical company

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How eLocker automated asset distribution solution for a global pharmaceutical company

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The customer is a global pharmaceutical company with sites all over the world and an annual turnover of £4.6 billion. This particular inquiry was for the sites in Switzerland. The customer contacted us during the COVID pandemic as they needed a way for staff to access IT equipment quickly and safely. Before the pandemic, staff would be working on a particular site every day, and they could simply go to the IT department and swap their laptop if it breaks. This was not possible during COVID as the IT team were all working from home. They were trying to provision laptops and send them out to new staff or existing staff at remote locations across Switzerland.


The company was finding it extremely difficult to deliver IT equipment to their workforce. It was especially challenging to arrange for the IT team and the member of staff to be in the same place at the same time.


The solution to this problem is eLocker Tech Bar – an automated IT asset distribution system. This is an Amazon style parcel locker that allows companies to deliver devices internally. So, the IT team would take a new laptop and provision it for a member of staff. With our system, they can print out a label, or print out a QR code, and then ship that laptop from a central location (or from the IT person’s house if they’re working from home) and ship it to one of our tech bar lockers based on a site. The member of staff would then receive a notification and they can collect the device at a time that is convenient for them.


Once notified, the member of staff would go to the locker and identify themselves using their access badge or a four digit code. The door would then open automatically and they can collect their new laptop.. This action is recorded so the customer can manage their assets effectively and securely. Data and analytics reports are what differentiates our system from a standard parcel or an IT asset management locker system.

Frequently Asked Question

So how many locks are we talking, on this project?

We installed 4 locker units into four offices. Each unit contains 42 door parcel lockers.

What would be some of the objections that you would face on the questions of, validating this as a solution? And a second question, what alternative solutions could they have made, if it wasn't this?

The traditional solution involves getting the IT tech person and the member of staff to be in the same place at the same time. That is very, very difficult to do.


Companies were looking for an automated asset distribution solution before the pandemic and the pandemic has made this type of system essential. This is why Amazon has parcel lockers in every high street corner in London, because people can’t necessarily be in the same place at the same time.


There are other solutions on the market, but they are typically very complicated and often not very intuitive. They are usually hard to install and many companies selling these systems are targeting large enterprises.


Whereas, our systems are designed to be much more lightweight. This makes it easy for companies to install eLocker systems in multi-locations.. Plus, our system can run completely independently off a mobile phone, allowing you to open the locker over Bluetooth, rather than having to install extra technology.


The main objection to installing an automated asset distribution solution is usually related to cost. However, we are confident that our system delivers a high return on investment, making it a great investment for any business that distributes devices to their workforce.

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    How eLocker automated asset distribution solution for a global pharmaceutical company