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How a leading London police department improved their device management process with eLocker.

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How a leading London police department improved their device management process with eLocker

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The company is one of the leading London police departments in partnership with a multinational telecommunications company. The department is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement within the city of London, including the Middle and Inner Temples. They employ roughly 750 police officers to help tackle crime and our system, partnered with the telecommunications company, is being used to manage Airwave radios that the customer is using for their officers on a day-to-day basis.


The department was dealing with a couple of issues when they approached eLocker. Firstly, their existing service desk system did not allow them to track the data on who was using which device, this wasn’t good if an officer needed support for one of their mobile devices.


The second problem arose when dealing with repairs. Previously, the service desk would ask users to leave a faulty radio on their desk or at reception. However, the engineer could often not find the faulty radio when they arrived to complete repairs, making device management a very difficult thing to do.


Our system allows users to place and easily manage and fill faulty radios in a secure company owned locker so the engineer can locate it easily and replace it with a working one. They can also store new radios if they are doing an upgrade, allowing the engineer to quickly exit and move on to the next task.


The solution is eLocker Tech, an automated inventory management system. It is a mobile device management style system and an IT asset deployment system that provides a multitude of data ready to be looked at.

eLocker Tech is an automated locker system that works in a similar way to our Amazon lockers. You go up to a screen, add some details, pressing a few keys and the locker will open if you are allocated to it. 

This system provides a full order management platform where you can start orders, attach mobile devices to the orders e.g. radios, iPads, laptops, mobile phones, etc. This means you can effectively deliver stock through the lockers and have access to who is using what device at what time adding a new layer of security for the devices.

There are a couple of different workflows that needed integrating. First, there is a collection where someone will collect a radio or a device. Then there is a return, when the user returns the device to the locker. There are also administrative engineer workflows that allow the customer to deploy and collect devices. Basically, it’s a fully-featured, automated IT asset deployment system.

An asset sticker can be placed on the device itself, so you can offer the asset up to the lock to prove that the device was at least in the proximity of the lock when it was put back in so that it’s not been stolen, but of course you know who was the last person to use it. So if the next person comes along and opens the lock and there’s no mobile devices in there, you know the last person didn’t put it back. 


The outcome was that the managed service provider was able to enhance their customer services and improve the efficiency of their processes. They now have a better network and now they have been able to locate radios every time an engineer is on site, which increases productivity and makes better management of their time. The customer also has much better control over their managed devices, resulting in fewer lost devices, access to more data for the customer to review which they can use to feedback and improve.

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    How a leading London police department improved their device management process with eLocker