Hot lockers keep devices secure and reduce losses in a large independent school

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Hot lockers keep devices secure and reduce losses in a large independent school

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The customer is a large independent boarding school and day school in West Sussex. It is a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference and the Woodward Corporation of Independent Schools and has roughly 1200 students in total.


Since the start of COVID-19, the school transitioned from children having books to using Surface Pro tablets. They needed a flexible locker system that would allow students to store tablets during break times as they wanted the Surface Pro tablets to be kept inside the school building.


The solution was the eLocker hot locker system. The new lockers were placed in strategic areas e.g. corridors, and we were able to integrate the lockers with the school’s existing access badges. 


Students can choose an available locker by finding one that has a green flashing LED. They simply touch their access card to allocate themselves to the locker and then put their tablet into the box, where it can be safely stored while they’re out during break times. 


Another great feature of this system is that we can set up a tablet screen or a kiosk, which allows students to find which locker they’re allocated to. This eliminates the risk of students going out on a break and forgetting which locker they put their tablets in. Students can use the kiosk to find their allocated locker quickly and retrieve their tablets in preparation for their next lesson. 


The parents of the students were responsible for buying the tablets for the students – they weren’t supplied by the school. Before the hot locker system was installed, students were damaging tablets regularly because they were taking them out on the playground. 


Since using the hot lockers, the number of damaged and broken tablets has been reduced significantly. The devices are kept safe and secure, which means the parents no longer have to buy and replace broken tablets for their children.


The new system also gave the school an easy way to manage the lockers. We provided a self-service solution which means that management staff no longer have to manually allocate and monitor lockers. 

Frequently Asked Question

The initial project is just the tablet lockers and the lockers are currently being used exclusively for tablets. However, the school is considering the possibility of installing standard lockers where students can store backpacks, gym kits, etc.

Yes. The system is completely wireless and flexible. This means if we find that lockers in a particular corridor are unused, then we can move them to a different area of the campus when the lockers are always full. Our fully flexible locker system makes it easy to move lockers and make the best use of the lockers on your site. 

The customer chose steel lockers in three-quarter height so that students could easily reach the top lockers. There were seven high lockers, but they were only about 1.5 meters high so that everyone could access all of the lockers available.

There are extensive security features embedded in the system. We use 128-bit AES encryption to communicate with the locks over a wireless Bluetooth connection. We also have a proprietary card solution that is built into MIFARE Classic, meaning the system is extremely secure. The lockers use AB encryption keys which are nearly impossible to hack.

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    Hot lockers keep devices secure and reduce losses in a large independent school