Equipment rental lockers: Secure rental of expensive items in communities supporting a circular economy

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This company provides a rental system for electrical items, such as; vacuum cleaners, irons, ironing boards and other similar items in social housing environments. 


People in a social housing environment don’t actually always have the ability to own all of these devices themselves. The idea is to have shared services and resources therefore not have to have so many electrical items required which is part of the circular economy. 

Equipment rental lockers using smart technology was seen as a way to facilitate this securely.


When it came to the idea of providing equipment rental locker, the key features the customers needed is a way of being able to open lockers when required, hire the product/tools out and then put it back in again when they’re finished and allocate that as well.


This system also had to have some kind of reporting features in order to keep track of the equipment during daily operations and which users have taken which piece of kit in the property.

Solution - Equipment Rental Lockers

Our techbar rental system solution will allow a member living in the housing to go to a kiosk or make online reservations.


The booking process would be fairly simple and done by a booking engine which will allow the use of the vacuum cleaner, for thirty minutes or whatever they need. After they’ve made online payments or at the kiosk for the set price, they’re given a four-digit code, which they tap in the code into the kiosk, and the correct locker opens.


They take the vacuum cleaner out, they go and vacuum their apartment, come back down, key in the code again, the locker opens, they put the vacuum cleaner back in. We now know exactly how long that device was rented for and the fact that it was returned.


An asset sticker can be placed on the device itself, so you can offer the asset up to the equipment rental locker confirming that the device was put back in locker and that it’s not been stolen. Of course the system knows who was the last person to use it. So if the next person comes along and opens the lock and there’s no vacuum cleaner in there, you know the last person didn’t put it back. 


Social Housing associations have the ability to rent electrical items out to people in need that can’t always afford to buy them outright, using smart equipment rental lockers means more business can be done and it can lead to discussions around how and where these systems can be put in social housing.


This program using equipment rental lockers and smart technology at its heart, will benefit  and provide solutions to people who live in social housing property who may not be able to afford to own such devices. 


Seeing the success of the program could lead to the introduction of more products being made available to take bookings until they have a complete collection of technology that are available to hire out when it’s needed.

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    How to securely rent expensive electrical items within social housing to support a circular economy