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A global parcel delivery company takes control of their device management.

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A global parcel delivery company takes control of their device management

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This customer is a global parcel delivery company with the strategic advantage and capability with 1,400 warehouses and offices, 11,700,000 m2 of storage and a presence in more than 55 countries and territories.
The site eLocker installed in was based out of Heathrow Airport and was facing security challenges with their asset management.


The major problem on this site was that there was no tracking or analytics – and thus no accountability.
The customer had 80 devices which were being shared though a 3 shift, 24 hour operation. A large amount of revenue was being lost to replacing missing or damaged devices due to poor device management.
Staff were taking devices from a set of shelves in the office which had no access control, managers tried to check out / in the devices using clipboards and a paper process but it was not followed and overall it was a very messy solution.


The solution is eLocker Asset. The customer tagged their devices with individual RFID stickers supplied by eLocker. We then associated each device with an individual locker and the devices can now be tracked.
Devices are now automatically tracked at the start of the shift when they’re taken out, and at the end of the day when they’re put back.
The asset gets put into the locker that is associated with it and we always know where specific devices are because they have a box that belongs to them.
eLocker Asset contains a full analytics package which the customer now uses to manage devices, know who uses them, when they are collected, returned and if they are overdue – the customer has gone from clipboards and paper sign out forms to a fully automated asset management system.


There was a reduction in the amount of time it takes staff to check in and check out devices on site. This reduced their waiting time and put them into their shift faster.
This improves workplace productivity because staff are not wasting 10 minutes every shift queuing up to collect and return their devices. It also eliminates the need for managers to manually track check ins and check outs on paper, meaning their time can be better spent focusing on essential tasks.
There was also a 50% reduction in the amount of loss and damage of devices. This is really significant considering that each device is worth roughly £1,200.
The eLocker Asset system resulted in cost-savings of around £60,000 a year for the customer. A positive ROI can be seen just on reduced loss and damage of devices.

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    A global parcel delivery company takes control of their device management