Use Smart Lockers to Improve Collaboration and Hot Desking

Collaborative hot desking is becoming the norm, even among major corporations and international firms. It’s all about continuous improvement and increasing productivity, and several studies have confirmed that the hot desking model works.


Smart lockers are the perfect addition to agile workplaces. They will support hot desking and enhance your flexible work environment.

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Use Smart Lockers to Improve Collaboration and Hot Desking

The traditional office layout has been transformed in recent years. Gone are the days of swanky glass-panelled offices for the boss and isolated, claustrophobic cubicles for the staff. Today it’s an ever-changing, brightly coloured collection of collaborative workspaces.


In agile work environments, the walls between colleagues have literally been broken down and colleagues are free to move between desks and choose a workspace that suits their needs.


Hot desking has dozens of benefits, but it can also cause disorganisation and issues in your company. Without a dedicated personal space, it’s impossible to look after employee belongings and organise documents and memos.


Smart hot lockers offer a solution to this problem. They can help hot desking thrive within your company, and help you build this collaborative mindset into something tangible and practical.

Personal space and privacy

Many employees prefer hot desking, but this doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten the value of personal space. Having an allocated desk offers obvious comforts like family photos and drawers to keep personal belongings. Having personal space plays a vital role in mental wellbeing in the office.


Smart lockers give employees a dedicated space to keep their personal belongings and improve privacy and security as only they have access. Team members can store all of their possessions and then get on with their work activities without distraction.


Employees will start their day with a positive mindset which will boost productivity and ultimately, profits.

Improve security

The most obvious issue with removing fixed desks is security. Most desks have secure compartments, locked drawers, or at least their own filing cabinet for storing important documents. Hot desking does not usually offer secure storage as employees move between desks.


Smart lockers give employees a secure place to store their important documents and personal belongings. Staff won’t have to worry about the safety of these items and can focus their full attention on their work tasks. This will have a positive impact on productivity and employee morale.

Cost savings for the business

The whole purpose of hot desking is to promote collaboration, productivity, and ultimately increase profitability for the business. Smart lockers increase profitability in a more direct way: they are considerably less expensive than traditional lockers.


Most of the costs associated with traditional locks come from repairs. The cost involved in cutting new keys and hiring engineers to fix or replace locks, as well as the productive time lost during reallocation, is staggering.


Many of these costs are eliminated when you upgrade to smart locks. Contactless systems are electronic, which significantly reduces the likelihood of malfunctions and failures. Replacing an electronic access card is also straightforward and can be done with just a few clicks on the computer.

Bottom line

The workplace is changing and many modern businesses are adopting hot desking. Technology like smart lockers will support agile working and enhance your work environment.


No matter the size of your firm, integrating smart lockers into the workplace will help grow the positive mindset, productivity, and sense of purpose within your team.


Get in touch with the experts at eLocker to learn how smart lockers can improve collaboration and hot desking in your business.

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Use Smart Lockers to Improve Collaboration and Hot Desking