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What is a ‘Smart Lock’ for Lockers?

What is a ‘Smart Lock’ for Lockers? Manual locks and keys have been the gold standard for so long that most of us don’t even realise their cost. Fitting smart, wireless locks into your lockers not only increases productivity and facilitates effortless locker management, but it also brings substantial financial savings to the company. But what are smart locks? In this article we’ll discuss four …

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Smart Lock Systems: Are They Really Safe and Secure?

In the world of contactless technology, people are no longer just asking if a product works; they need to know that it’s safe. Smart locks for company lockers have become extremely popular for the way they boost productivity and save companies time, effort, and money in locker management. But are these smart lock systems safe and secure? In a word, yes. While there are many contactless chip man…

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