Your Assets at Your Fingertips

Asset Management lockers manage your Enterprise Mobility and eliminate the risks and costs of managing your fleet of devices.

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Why choose asset managment lockers?

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Your Assets are getting lost and damaged

You are wasting budget looking for, then replacing lost, stolen and damaged assets every month

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Management are always wasting time

Your IT and ops teams spend hours and hours managing/looking for assets every week
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You have no analytics on
asset usage

Check in / out of assets is a manual process and has no data or reporting on how devices are used

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You are loosing Management Operational time from your staff

Staff are queueing at shift start/end to collect and return assets, wasting company time and money

If you are Investigating Asset Management Systems

Lets have a 15 minute discovery call where we can:

eLocker Analytics

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Project 100 was started to give customers a clear and transparent process to understand and implement the steps from first enquiry, to a delivered smart locker system.

By creating a clear project plan we help you implement your smart locker system in 100 days

Steps from Enquiry - delivery

  1. Introductory Call
  2. Produce a Quotation
  3. FAQ Call with all stakeholders
  4. Customer to generate an ROI
  5. Card integration process
  6. CAD drawing process
  7. Generate Schedule of works
  8. Budget collection
  9. PO
  10. Technical Integration
  11. Smartbox  Delivery 
  12. Locker Numbering
  13. Delivery
  14. Onboarding
  15. Training
  16. Run up
  17. Go Live
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Stop asset loss, damage and theft

Download the report, read all the pages and read up on Project 100, we can then have a meeting to discuss ROI, presentations and support you to get the budget you need to implement eLocker

Here’s how asset management lockers actually work

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Benefits You Receive

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If you’re tired of missing your assets, the Device Dashboard is for you! It helps you see how many assets are in / out / in maintenance are and broken so you have a live view of exactly what is being used.

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Once you’ve set up a shift length in your system, you can receive notifications at the end of each shift to see who hasn’t returned their asset. This helps you train your team to always return devices.

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eLocker makes your workforce accountable by having live usage data and audits; this reduces theft, damage and loss. Your business comes to a halt without your assets, so accountability is key.

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Our smart asset management system is proven to remove up to 94% of the administration time needed for managing hardware, translating into time cost savings and a more efficient experience for your workforce.

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We’ll send you an email every day, telling you which members of staff haven’t returned their devices to their lockers, which devices are being underutilised and which devices are in maintenance or out of order.

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30% of Managers time is spent looking for lost and stolen damaged devices. eLocker integrates into your existing access control system, removing the need for keys, pin codes or screens.

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No need for paper sign-in sheets; eLocker can totally automate your device inventory management! eLocker’s self-service system lets users take care of their own check-out and checkout, without any hassle

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The modern manager’s management system. Automate up to 94% of your locker workflows with an online locker automation system that’s built for enterprise. Automate your locker management to make time for more productive task

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered. Here are the top 5 questions we get about eLocker

Using RFID technology, assets are assigned “lockers” as their “homes.” When staff members take assets out of lockers, the system logs who took it out, and at what time. When they return it, they must scan the same badge they used to remove it, and a special sticker on the device. RFID technology ensures accountability so you always know who used which device, and when they used it.

Each asset is fitted with an RFID sticker, this is a unique identification sticker registered to that asset. When you add it to the system and allocate it to a locker, the locker becomes the “home” for the asset. By having the RFID tag, we know that the correct asset is returned to the correct locker
When a shift length is made on online asset management system, we know that a device needs to be returned at the end of the shift period. If a device is not returned after a 2-hour grace period, it will be added to a list for managers to find the device.

On average, in an asset system the battery life is 5 – 7 years. While wired locker system manufacturers claim that our wireless locks need to be recharged after six months, we can confirm that their estimates are incorrect. Our locks use three AA batteries, and we have extensive evidence that they will last 5 to 7 years.

eLocker offers several settings for the amount of information you want to store in the system. There is the minimum, which consists only of card numbers and ID numbers, like payroll or employee numbers. Next up is business card data, which means no more than what can be found on the internet—first name/last name coupled with email address (or mobile phone).