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eLocker started providing smart locker systems in 2016 and have not looked back. From our first installation in Germany we have spread throughout Europe and into the USA with bright futures ahead

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There are lockers all over the world. You’ve seen them in gyms and schools, but there’s
even more hidden behind the scenes, in warehouses, offices, manufacturing and 

eLocker is a tech company set up in 2016. We supply a SaaS based, smart locker solution which removes the need for keys and spreadsheets, with an online locker management system that can save companies up to 94% of locker management time – this has been proven with our first client, the largest eccommerce company in the world.

Jacob Hinson – Founder

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Jacob Hinson - Founder

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Our values

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Honesty is core to our business, be it internal or external – by being genuine we ensure that our authenticity translates into our delivery, our products and our team


Holding ourselves accountable keeps us honest and geared towards our customers, we deal with issues quickly and always keep our customers notified


Innovation is the beating heart of eLocker. No idea is a bad idea. By holding innovation in our values we will continue to deliver amazing products for our customers


Keeping our team and our customers involved, with open, honest conversation keeps us all in the cart and pushes our business forwards with a common goal