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The company is a global E-commerce giant that you probably have placed an order within the last seven days.


The problem that they had was their staff who are working in the delivery yard for the warehouse have a special requirement for the clothing. The employees all have to wear personal protective equipment and when they’re working in the yard with the weather that we have in the UK, that PPE often gets wet. 

They needed a specialist locker to be installed so that there were ventilation holes to allow for the clothes of the staff to dry quickly when not in use.


eLocker worked with the customer to design a customised locker. We created a bespoke design for them that included special clothing rails areas for dry and wet clothing with ventilation also being built into the lockers allowing air to pass through. This allowed the clothing to be dried whilst the staff were off shift.


This resulted in an increase in the happiness of their staff because when they came to work, they weren’t putting work clothes on.


Frequently Asked Questions

For this particular site, there were 150 lockers. And I think the point that we try to make in this article is the fact that eLocker are flexible in terms of the lack of design. So I guess maybe you could put this in the solution part, but unlike some of the other systems or some of the other providers out there, we can produce the spoke specialist lockers for customers. We can make custom designs and we are flexible. We don’t just have a catalogue that we work from, we’re able to change things and make them customised for customer requirements.

Yes, we have a couple of CAD engineers that we work with and our factory is also very helpful when it comes to design. We’ve designed lots of bespoke lockers for customers, from applications like this to specialist lockers for radio management. And the team is on hand to be able to work with customers to create bespoke solutions.

The whole system is modular. The locks are built in a way that they’re really easy to swap. So if there was an issue with a lock or if a customer wanted to upgrade the locks in the future, it takes seconds to just remove the old lock and put a new one in.
In terms of the lock design, the doors are always very easy to change as well. If a customer at a later date wanted to upgrade the doors, change the colours, or if one was damaged by a member of staff, it’s just a case of removing a pin that holds the door in place and it’s dead easy to swap. So it’s a very future proof and modular solution.

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