Smart lockers do much more than just store items – they are equipped with advanced features and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Smart lockers improve IT asset management and make it easier for IT teams to provide employees with the equipment they need.

Here are four common smart locker applications for IT teams:

1. Automate device distribution

Asset lockers allow your IT manager to monitor lockers and allocate devices remotely, eliminating the need to manually distribute devices to employees. This reduces the admin time associated with asset management significantly, saving your business valuable time and money. 

Smart lockers are connected to your business network via the Internet, meaning they can be monitored by IT at any point.  This enables fast and efficient tracking of devices on-site which will improve the security of assets across your organisation.

2. Manage assets in real-time

Many businesses rely on expensive portable electronic equipment like laptops and smartphones. You must ensure end-to-end visibility of these devices and manage them effectively to reduce the risk of losses.  

A recent survey revealed that 43% of small businesses fail to track assets and inventory effectively. Are you finding it difficult to manage devices in your business? Automated asset lockers could be the answer! 

An asset management locker system will automatically log and track device usage in real-time. This means your IT department can monitor where your devices are and who is using them at all times. You can also use the system to arrange routine maintenance, set up alerts, record device status, and more. 

3. Streamline asset collection and repair

Smart lockers can simplify asset collection and repair and make this task incredibly easy. Faulty devices can be locked in an authorised locker and then collected by an engineer or third-party IT service. 

Once the device has been repaired, it can be placed back in the locker for staff to retrieve. This means your IT teams will spend less time collecting and delivering devices or dealing with IT asset issues. 

4. Offer a borrow and return service

Workplaces are becoming more flexible and many employees are working remotely or relocating. Another useful application of smart office lockers is that they allow employees to borrow and return devices when they are needed. For instance, if an employee is working remotely and forgets their laptop or another piece of essential equipment. 

IT departments can record what devices are available within the smart lockers at a particular site on an app which staff can access via their smartphones. Employees can then access the locker to collect the equipment they need and use it for a set period before returning it to the locker. 

Optimise IT asset management with smart lockers 

A smart locker system will make it much easier to manage your IT assets and keep your expensive devices secure. 

At eLocker, we’ve helped industry leaders like Amazon, Tesco, and DHL improve asset management through our tailored, smart locker solutions. Get in touch to find out more about our asset management lockers and how they can optimise your IT asset management strategies. 



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