Improve Your Customer Experience With Parcel Lockers

A positive customer experience is critical to the sustained growth and success of any business. Offering an outstanding customer experience will strengthen your brand, promote loyalty, help you retain customers, and ultimately, increase sales and revenue.  Research by Parcel Hive found that retailers who utilise smart lockers in their business improve their customer experience by […]

Pay Attention to Employee Lockers and Improve ESAT

Employee satisfaction (ESAT) should be a top priority for every manager. Content and happy employees will work harder and be 13% more productive, according to a research study by Oxford University.  Pay close attention to your team and ensure that their needs and wants are being met. Installing employee lockers – especially smart lockers – […]

Tips to Keep Remote Workers Engaged & Motivated

Flexible working has several benefits including higher employee satisfaction and productivity and lower overhead costs. Flexible working has become the norm during the pandemic and a recent survey by Leadership IQ revealed that 91% of employees would now like to work from home at least some of the time.  Many employees are excited about the […]

Create a Hybrid Workplace in 4 Easy Steps

Covid-19 has forced businesses to adopt new ways of working and remote work has surged during the pandemic. A survey carried out by found that 60% of the adult population were working from home at the height of the pandemic. The report also revealed that 26% of Brits plan to work from home permanently […]

5 Reasons Every Business Should Invest In Smart Lockers

Lockers are an office must. They provide employees with a safe and secure place to store their personal belongings and reduce the need for desk-based storage. Installing staff lockers will also help you maintain an organised and clutter-free work environment. Lockers have evolved over the years and the latest models incorporate smart technology to streamline […]