Innovative Warehouse Technologies to Adopt

When it comes to warehouse management, continuous monitoring and upgrading of technologies are crucial to boost revenue and stay competitive. Technological advancements have transformed operations and automation has played a vital role in improving warehouse efficiency.  Warehouses that introduce automation benefit from higher inventory accuracy, reduced labour costs, and faster order fulfilment. According to a […]

Parcel Lockers – The New Delivery Process Adoption for Retailers

Retail is the UK’s largest private sector employer and turned over £403 billion in 2020 – according to stats by Retail Economics.  The retail landscape has evolved drastically over the years in line with changes to consumers behaviours and preferences. Retailers must remain up to date with the latest shopping trends and utilise technology to […]

4 Steps to Improve Office Efficiency

As a manager, you want your employees to be as productive as possible. Identifying ways to improve office efficiency is one of the most effective ways to boost productivity and maximise profits. When office efficiency is strong, employees will complete tasks faster and your team’s productivity will soar.  In this article, we will outline four […]

Retrofitting is the Secret to Revive Your Old Locker Systems

Smart technology has taken the business world by storm. A recent survey found that 85% of small business owners report that digital tools and technology improves business performance and aids success.  Smart technology is no longer just for high-tech enthusiasts and large innovative organisations. Every manager should utilise the latest technology and software if they […]

5 Benefits of Using Smart Lockers Post-Pandemic

Governments all around the world were forced to introduce strict social distancing restrictions to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. The pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption and forced many offices to close or operate remotely for several months.  The UK is slowly emerging out of lockdown and business operations are gradually returning to normal. […]

5 Strategies to Boost Warehouse Productivity

Identifying ways to increase productivity should be a top priority for every warehouse operations manager. Improving efficiency will lead to a more productive warehouse, reduced labour costs, and higher revenues.  Fortunately, there are dozens of simple ways to improve productivity in your warehouse and increase your bottom line. Here are five strategies to boost warehouse […]

Warehouse Facilities Managers Handbook to Hygiene Protocols

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of effective sanitation and it has never been more important to keep work environments clean. Facilities managers have a duty to protect their staff by maintaining high standards of hygiene in the workplace.  Keeping warehouses clean can be an overwhelming task given their size and the nature of their operations. […]

2021 Back to Work Challenges for Facilities Managers

Companies across all industries have found the past 12 months challenging. COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption and business facilities have been forced to close to comply with strict social distancing rules. The end is now in sight. A roadmap has been released and COVID-19 restrictions could be lifted entirely by 21 June.  Returning to the […]