Smart Lock Systems: Are They Really Safe and Secure?

In the world of contactless technology, people are no longer just asking if a product works; they need to know that it’s safe. Smart locks for company lockers have become extremely popular for the way they boost productivity and save companies time, effort, and money in locker management. But are these smart lock systems safe and secure? In a word, yes. While there are many contactless chip man…

Using IoT Lockers to Bolster Your Security Team

Using IoT Lockers to Bolster Your Security TeamIT and security staff play an invaluable role in every modern business. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of function that isn’t usually noticed things are going well in the background. However, when problems arise and things go wrong, other employees start shining lights on IT support and banging down their door.In the world of internal security, anyth…

Six Benefits of Smart Lockers in the Warehouse

Six Benefits of Smart Lockers in the Warehouse | eLocker Warehouses are seriously busy places. Where space often comes at a minimum and time is always short, having access to quality lockers can be a game-changer for staff and employers. The world is embracing smart and wireless technology at an astonishing rate, but smart lockers […]

Smart Lockers: Why Are They So Popular?

In a culture where everything from toasters to flip-flops have rebranded as ‘smart’ devices, it’s easy to forget how brilliant and effective some IoT and wireless developments have been. Contactless payment, streaming sticks, and pretty much everything to do with smartphones – these are technologies which have enhanced the lives of millions. And now smart lockers are […]